Praise the Lord and Pass the Forceps

Secular humanists like to sneer at religious folk for our stubborn insistence upon seeing God’s hand at work in the world. We call “providence” what the materialist sees as a…..

Ban on Discriminating Abortions Stands

North Dakota’s ban on abortions for sex selection and genetic defect is still standing.  A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought against it from the only abortion clinic in ND……

Welcome to the Club

In the last 50 years or so, America has become a nation obsessed with rights. Elites in government, academia, the media, and entertainment take great pains to inculcate an attitude…..

Rampant Casual Abortions in the U.K.

Wesley J. Smith shares a Telegraph story at LifeNews on a current problem in the U.K.  As if legalized abortion isn’t already bad enough, the justifications for abortion are getting increasingly inhuman.  From…..

Impressive Love

The Washington Times features a really encouraging story about the potential for selflessness, love, and compassion in our society. A staggering number of children with Down syndrome are aborted once…..

The Beauty of Life with Down Syndrome

ESPN shares a moving, beautiful story in their recent “E:60” show.  It’s the story of a successful young man, Heath White, who discovered that his unborn child had Down Syndrome……

Diminishing the Disabled

The results of a recent survey of parents of children with disabilities ran cross-grain to the mentality that characterizes our society’s culture of death.  Published in the medical journal Pediatrics, the survey…..

Dealing with Disabilities

At LifeNews, Chelsea Zimmerman reviews the new tv show Push Girls and shares her own experiences in dealing with being wheelchair-bound as a young woman (click here to read the whole thing).  Push…..

Genocide of the Handicapped

MercatorNet shares a very disturbing statistic out of Denmark: By 2030 Down Syndrome will be all but eliminated in Denmark (click here to read the whole article).  Modern testing technologies…..

War on the Handicapped

Vile statistics out of the U.K.: 2,290 disabled babies were aborted last year.  147 of them were more than 24 weeks old.  From LifeNews (click here to read the whole…..

Mass Murder of the Handicapped

Maura Butler provides an important reminder about the tragic daily aborting of unborn children with Down Syndrome across the nation.  In pregnancies where a child is diagnosed with Down Syndrome,…..

Down Syndrome and a Good Life

A few weeks back a story broke out of Canada in which two parents wanted to abort their child once they found out the fetus had Down Syndrome.  The problem…..

No Killing the Disabled

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court made a great decision recently: They banned pulling the plug on the disabled.  From Life News (read the whole article here): In a ruling involving a…..

Communities Don’t Include People

Some people like their idea of their community but don’t like to deal with actual people.  One such person is Elizabeth Brown – a Toronto woman who doesn’t want her…..

Educating the Handicapped

I recently came across an inspiring article from The New York Times in June.  Sharon Otterman writes about a 20 year-old man, Donovan Forde, who suffers from a variety of…..

Mommy and Daddy Wanted to Kill You

Unbelievable story from Secondhand Smoke (read it here).  A couple of Australian couples are suing their doctors for not detecting Down’s syndrome in their babies before birth.  Why?  Because the…..